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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Barely a week after his album hit the stores; Darey Art Alade’s second album has become yet another prey to piracy.

The NCC on Thursday April 2, 2009 caught Akina Music International Limited formerly Benrit Outlook Ltd in the process of illegal mass production of suspected pirated products. The optical discs plant which will soon be charged and prosecuted for piracy of copyright protected works had also been raided by the Commission about four years ago and is currently being prosecuted at a Federal High Court in Lagos for piracy of musical works and cinematograph films.

‘If not for the timely intervention of the Nigerian Copyright Commission (NCC), I am not sure what story we’d be telling today. A lot of our intellectual work, time, money and energy have been put into the release of that album, and to think someone was trying to pirate it breaks my heart’ Darey says

Un.DAREY.ted. which has been on a test run since 2008, and has over time gained momentum as one of Nigeria’s most anticipated albums was finally released on March 31, 2009 under Soul Muzik after a string of videos for ‘With this woman’, ‘Carry dey go’, ‘Not the girl’ and ‘More’.

‘I hope and pray that this criminal act will not be allowed to continue to happen, I mean, people can’t continue to feed off our sweat and toil, its not fair’ Darey who was at Dubai as at the time the news broke disclosed.

Expected to hit the media are more eye catching, irresistible videos from the album- Un.DAREY.ted

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Wow!!!!!......Rapper Ikechukwu loses girlfriend to friend..

Rapper Ikechukwu has allegedly lost his girlfriend - Niki Bakare to his friend - Chini Odogwu and he got so angry and said it on his facebook status.His facebook status read “Kills is single. Women cheat and with your friend too? Of all the women out there, ain’t life grand?”

The same day he changed his status to “Yeah, personal life off facebook in one week, from then, they can deal with the PA. But best way to move forward is airing shit out. Putting people on blast New York Style. With that said, I hope Chini and Niki have a great life together. Or was it abi? Oh no he was a month ago or so. Men and women are equally animals when they choose to be. Life is all about choices, that’s all I’ll say“.

We hope Ikechukwu a.k.a Ekillz let go of the hurt and finds love again.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Danfo Drivers Cry Out: “we’re being sidelined!!!”

one of Nigeria’s hot reggae/dance hall act, Danfo Drivers have voiced out their grievances against Awards organizers in Nigeria – Hiphop World Awards and Nigeria Entertainment Awards especially – who somehow have failed to recognize the achievements of the ragga duo.

Questioning the criteria in which judges select their nominees for their awards, the duo argue that their achievement was noteworthy both home and abroad and as such they deserved at least one nomination.

“Who among the entire nominee’s apart from Dbanj, Tuface, 9ice and Psquare, etc is enjoying international exposure like we do? Who is selling Nigeria music to the world like we do?” they argue.

The heavy acceptance of Mimi, one of the tracks off their third album, Meshango, proves that the duo haven’t lost their street credibility and they intend to keep it that way.

“Awards or award we Danfo Driver are the biggest reggae duo in Africa, and also we are not even thinking of changing our Ajegunle pattern of music, rather position it as one of Nigeria most wanted genre of music because it has always enjoy support.”

You would recall that Danfo Driver first hit the limelight with a monster debut album “AM A DANFO DRIVER SUO.” The title track also made history as it featured in a soundtrack for the Hollywood movie, Phat Girlz.

Their sophomore Polongo even recorded a bigger success.

The duo have performed in several African and European countries like Athens; Sweden UK, Germany, Spain,Italy, Switzerland, and the host of other countries in European, Sierra Leone, Benin Republic,Togo,Ghana,just to mention a few

Meanwhile, the organizers of the 4th edition of the Hiphop World Awards issued a press statement recently “to clarify certain criteria surrounding the choice of nominees.”

Kenny Ogungbe looses millions to fire Again!!

For the second time in about two years, entertainment mogul Kenny Ogungbe, has experienced a heavy loss as fire gutted the BQ housing all of his top-of-the-range HD equipment, speakers, consoles and many other audio-visual equipment (used for Kennis Music , Kennis TV and Primetime Africa satellite broadcast)) completely destroyed.

Believed to have been caused by electrical wirings, the inferno, occurred in the evening of Thursday March 19.

Despite the huge loss, Keke – as he is fondly called – seems to be taking the blow in good fate. In a statement issued through his publicist, he stated:

‘‘‘Everyone is OK. We thank God no lives were lost…, I must thank the Fire service for acting promptly. And I thank the Lagos Governor, The Nigeria Police, all media houses, my neighbors and other concerned citizens too. We thank God we were able to contain the fire before it could spread further,’’

Close friends and associates who have visited as at press time include veteran producer Wale Adenuga, Keke’s friend and partner Dayo Adeneye, Keke’s brothers Taiwo and ID Ogungbe and Ayeni Adekunle.

The boys quarters of his Ajao Estate home in Lagos (now a one-story-ed building), was still a bungalow when the first fire outbreak occurred nearly two years ago.