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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nigerian musicians plan hunger strike!!!

Following the resolutions adopted at a recent world press conference in Lagos, the coalition of major associations in the Nigerian music industry would soon begin the mobilization of stakeholders throughout the country for the commencement of an indefinite mass hunger strike.

The strike is aimed at drawing the attention of the world to the intolerable amount of piracy currently devastating the music industry in Nigeria. The mass hunger strike commenced on August 25.

Gathered that as a prelude to the strike, there will be a rally of stakeholders in the Nigerian music industry at the National Theatre, Lagos, at 10.00am on the D-day. The rally will offer an opportunity to artistes and investors across the industry to network and devise strategies to frontally attack the piracy scourge that is plundering the Nigerian entertainment industry.

The coalition in its press release signed by Mr. Efe Omorogbe, further resolved that a powerful delegation of industry stakeholders will proceed to the National Assembly in Abuja on September 1, to express the frustration of the industry, over the lukewarm and ineffective attitude of the government to attacking the piracy cancer that is fast eating away the livelihood of hundreds of thousands of Nigerians and destroying the nation’s image.

The coalition is also requesting all broadcast organizations in the country to show solidarity with the plight of the Nigerian entertainment industry by observing September 1, 2009, as “No Music Day”. Broadcasting stations across Nigeria, are requested not to broadcast music between the hours of 6 am and 6 pm on September 1. Artistes across the country are also requested not to engage in any musical performance on the above date.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

27M naira gift to Stella Damascus causes wahala!!

Highly controversial movie idol, Stella Damasus-Nzeribe may not have felt the pandemonium that later aroused after has succeeded convincing her secret lover, Taiwo Afolabi who runs Sifax Shipping and other services to part with a large sum of money, running into N27 million cash to supply almanac, souvenirs etc for their customers some months back.

Some reliable source, Taiwo Afolabi, Stella Damasus who has been facing a lot of controversies lately due to her unalloyed passion for joystick, we gathered, approached Taiwo, his secret lover that her company, Mon Afrik, would not mind to take care of their almanac and other gift items for their esteemed customers, Taiwo, the lover boy, we were told, never raised a blink and she was said to have instructed Stella to bring forth her proposal.

Before that time, the Corporate Department of the multi national company, Sifax Group of Companies was said to have started work on the gift items’ project and when Stella’s proposal was endorsed by their boss, they were alleged to be short of words and put a hold to the ongoing project and there was murmuring all over the place.

To worsen the whole case, Taiwo Afolabi we were told ordered Stella Damasus to be paid cash and they did. Information emanating from that Sifax Company reveals that all is not well between Stella and some top staff of the company, most especially those who run things at the corporate affairs department due to Stella’s game of wit. “Whenever she comes around, nobody gives her any recognition in the department as I learnt that she double-crossed them and this didn’t go down well on the people in that department.

Sex in God's house

Something, of course, might have gingered the woman off God; Reverend Cynthia Okobi to have come up with the controversial book entitled <‘SEX IN GOD’S HOUSE.> The book which has been generating lot of controversies ever since the report about it hit town, is said to have been a compendium of personal experiences of the beautiful mother of two, Cynthia.

While some are of the opinion that the book might have been borne out of the amorous affair the drop-dead beauty allegedly had with Rev. Kris Okotie of Household of God years back, some just say it’s an inspiration from the realm of saints above. Penultimate week, a certain celebrity journal published that the woman of God, who sits atop and Pastor Kris Okotie were caught in the act and that the liaison produced a child.

The woman of essence has since come out to deny and debunk the image-damaging story as calculated attempt to discredit her good name. “God forbid! That is a lie from the pit of hell. Rev. Kris Okotie is someone I respect. The speculation is not true. The process of having children involves sexual intercourse. Are you now insinuating that I, Rev Cynthia Okobi had sexual intercourse with Rev Kris Okotie? Please that report is not true.” She said.

On the kind of relationship that ensured between them, she has this to say “Rev. Kris Okotie midwife me into true Christianity. It was in the household of God in 1995 that I gave my life to Christ. So you can say he is my pastor.” Recently, the mother of two, Rev. Cynthia Okobi has since been in the news ever since she came up with her controversial book entitled Sex in God’s House.

The conflict-ridden but voluminous book which is slated to be launched at the Banquet Hall of the Sheraton Hotel and Suites come Thursday 20th August, 2009 from 5:30 to 7pm prompt under the distinguished chairmanship of Pat Utomi, Vice Chairman BankPHB. The very beautiful has made everything ready to host the likes of Chief Ephraim Faloughi, Grace Madumere, Titi Kayode-Samuel and others.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mode 9 fans attack Rugged Man on stage!!!!!

Penultimate week when Ruggedy Baba as Michael Ugochukwu Stephen a.k.a Ruggedman is fondly called mounted the stage at Oniru Private Beach in Lekki serviced by the billionaire property merchant Fatai Animashaun, Fat Anny, to do what he knows how to do best-Music, he never envisaged the embarrassment he got from the very large crowd.

When Ruddeman got to the stage, from nowhere, an unidentified person threw a sachet of dirty water to him on stage. The attack which infuriated Michael, we learnt led him to stop the show as he was raining curses on the unknown culprit.

According to an eye witness account, Ruggedy’s appearance on stage only received an average ovation due to the fact that Mode 9, who has been rivalry with the Abia State born rapper, Ruggedy Baba had the largest fans at the place. Bad belle people have even fingered Mode 9 and his cohorts in the ‘dirty water saga’. Could that be true? I shall keep you posted

Policemen rob Lord of Ajasa

One of the nominees at the last week held SoundCity Music Video Awards was robbed by ‘security operatives’ clad in police jackets on the Ikorodu road on his way back from the ceremony.

The incident which took place at about 1am further evidences the risk involved with driving on the Lagos roads especially at night.

Perhaps, impostors, the six-man gang had flashed down Lord of Ajasa with a torch and asked him to pull over, only to be dispossessed of belongings including cash, phones and jewellery. The Yoruba rap act was driving in a blue Honda Bullet in company of his personal assistant, Kunle, and friend, Timothy (who was driving), when the unfortunate incident happened.

Narrating his ordeal, the bitter rapper said, ‘they were wearing the police jacket with ‘Police’ written on it. So, I decided to slow down on the highway and eventually stopped. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have stopped if not for the police jacket I saw.

Before I could say jack, they ordered us out of the vehicle and ransacked our pockets and the car for anything valuable.

It looked like a film trick. My friend who drove was even trying to explain that I am an artiste and all of that but when they landed him a slap on the face, we knew we were in for it.”

Not even Ajasa’s wedding band was spared in the raid. The rapper got married to his erstwhile love, Funmi, less than a year ago and the couple is blessed with a son.

Friday, August 7, 2009

When I was 11 .. it was horrible - NYJA

This is an exclusive interview with one of tha best upcoming female rappers NYJA....myfunny9jastories met up with her to discuss her personal life, music and influences, enjoy:

- Let people know ur name

Which name do you want ohh? lol eerrmmm my name is Fara Ashiru but the music world knows me as Nyja

- when did you write ur first rap
When I wass 11 .. it was horrible..i still remember it.. something like.. "drumming on a table, going to spin a dradle..." hmm let me not expose myself further.

- do you write your own songs?
yess ohh everything i have spit is 100% mine!.

- who are your musical influences?
that is hard ohh.. as par to start rapping it was Missy Eliott..but to get in the naija game it was Weird MC and Eldee ..but now i still love them but as far as pushing me to be more creative i look at cats like Lil Wayne.

- Naija food or yankee food?

hmm oh nothing beats Eba and Egusi.. but i like both sha.

- Micheal jackson or P square?
anh anh Mike is the king now...

- Jay Z or D'banj

D'banj! you cant help but love him..i mean like he said he is truly an ENTERTAINER

- People have said a lot about ur origin, lets talk about ur family background

I was born in Naija.. Ibadan to be exact.. but i am from Ijebu Ode but i grew up in Saudi Arabia and Yankee my whole life dont think i really spent up to like a year or 2 in Naij.. but i visit.

- wat was growin up like?
Growing up was great.. i have a great family that supports me.. I really didnt know a lot about my Nigerian background until I went to Naija for SS1..thats when Nyja was truly born.

- How did u get into music?

like i said i started rapping at 11 wasnt until SS1 in Naija that I realy started and we used to have like Talent Nights and I would perform and people were receptive so it stuck.

- wat r the challenges u've faced as female naija rapper?

the biggest thing is "She is hot ..for a girl" Omo.. I am hot for anything lol..

- outside music, what else do you do??
mostly school.. i am interested in a lot of graphics I do a lot of graphics and digital media.. actually planning on going to Film School for my masters to be able to be in the music industry in 2 capacities.

- Any relationships, tell me about it
nope..nothing to tell.. i am single

- have u had any embarrasing moments?
who hasnt?? ummm clumsy so i have an embarassing moment every day lol.

- Any new work coming out?
yess ohh stay tuned for my upcoming EP entitled "Pay Me my Money" its going to have collabs with aritsts such as Phizzle, Weird MC, Terry tha Rapman along with A lot others and will be debued on Itunes...

- Any word of advice to those who wanna make it in the naija music industry?
well i havent really made it yet..but i would say dont give up...because it will NOT be hard.. people think its easier or something but its just as hard as any other industry ..and beleive in your work..cause no one else will if you dont...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Age scandal rocks Eaglets’ camp - As players fail MIR test

UNCERTAINTY revolves round the National U-17 National team, the Golden Eaglets team as the count down to the World Cadet Championship which the country is hosting draws nearer.

SundayTribunesports investigations revealed that only a handful of players that are presently on playing tour of Ghana, failed the MIR test, meant to determine the actual age of the players.

Findings by SundayTribunesports revealed that over sixteen players among those on the tour have failed the test leaving the technical crew with only six players without blemish.

It was further gathered that the affected players in the team which arrived the country yesterday and are presently camped in Ibadan, would be decamped in accordance with the directive of the NFF President Alhaji Sani Lulu Abdullahi.

Although the NFF boss is insisting that he would love the country to defend the championship won two years ago in Korea, but he would not want the country to be embarrassed.

“We are committed to getting it right this time around. We would give the country the best, and that best would be appreciated by the whole world” the Kogi State born soccer administrator had earlier emphasized.

To this end, SundayTribunesports further gathered that the technical crew of the team has already mapped out a plan ‘B’ programme on the ground.

The crew are said to have been grooming another set of players along side the team A which may likely be a new team to present for the World championship that the country would host in October this year.