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Friday, July 16, 2010

Lmao: 9ice New Album To Sell for N2000

lmao because i remember for Naija when boys go carry okada go Ikeja bus stop go buy CD for N300 but oh well, Indigenous Hip Hop artists, 9ice, recently confirmed that his new international CD version will sell for N2, 000. A move that was started by Tuface Idibia on his last project. Earlier this year, Tuface released his Unstoppable project for the international audience, and sold this project for N1000. Rugged Man also released his N1000 cd, and now 9ice has taken it up a notch by proposing to sell his for N2000.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wande Coal Response to "Show Me Your Geni"

Wande Coal responds to the half man half woman wey sing "Show me your Geni"

Some say it is Wande Coal, nd some say it is not, Who we go believe now, but if you sef wan judge the matter click here

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Hottest Beef

The Hottest beef in the Nigerian entertainment Scene is becoming more dangerous...."Terry G, allegedly stormed an hangout in Abule Egba and had his men stab a popular DJ for failing to heed his order, the fight was said to have escalated when the DJ was said to have played a controversial track-FREE CURE from Malam Spicey's Album-"SPECIAL REQUEST", Spicey-a hip-hop act who was reported to have said unprintable things about Terry G who dissed’ Spicey in a line in his hit-track, ‘Free madness’

For those who never heard the diss-tracks to each other, this is a free madness Riddim mix by DJ Teffler to remind una say Aboki don develop Dada

Thursday, July 1, 2010

I’m Not An Assassin, I Only Send Threat Messages

It was end of the road for a man, who specialized in sending text messages to people, asking them to pay a ransom into a bank account or be killed. He has been arrested by the police. The suspect, simple identified as Ehi is said to be telling detectives at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) Panti, Yaba, Lagos, how he got involved in the illegal act.

Ehi, who had succeeded in sending many threat messages to people met his waterloo after he sent a text message to the mother of a 400 level undergraduate, threatening to assassinate her son if she failed to pay N100, 000 into a bank account.

Part of the text message reads: “We are members of the new black axe movement, University of Lagos (UNILAG). We are watching the modus operandi of your son. We know all his movements in the school. We will have no option than to eliminate him by 12.00 p.m, before Tuesday.”

The frightened woman contacted some of her friends who advised her to report to the police. She heeded the advice and reported to policemen who advised her to pay the money into an account. It was when the owner of the account came to withdraw some money from his account that he was nabbed by the police.

Speaking with Daily Sun, the 24-year-old suspect said he was not the originator of the text message. “It was composed and sent by my friend, Henry. I told him I needed some money to travel abroad for my studies and he asked me if I knew anyone who could pay some money if we threatened to kill his or her child. So, that was how I gave the woman’s name,” he said.

He said he knew the woman was capable of paying the ransom. He said: “But I wonder why she goofed because she loved her son too much and she has the money. Moreso, I remember when she received similar threat text message last year, she wanted to pay before those threatening her chickened out.”

On the rightful owner of the bank account, he said: “The account belonged to my landlord’s son. I lied to him that my brother was going to send some money to me and that I had no bank account. He innocently assisted me. It was while he went to withdraw some money from the account that policemen arrested him.”

On why he sent the threat message to a woman from his town. He said: “I needed money to travel to Spain for further studies. I had no money for international passport. So, I told my friend, Henry, who told me that if I put fears into the woman, by saying that we were monitoring her son’s movement, she would pay up.

“I have begged the woman and her son to forgive me. I did not mean to assassinate him. I only needed some money. I am sorry, very sorry indeed.” The Police spokesman, Mr. Frank Mba, said the owner of the bank account had been released as he was innocent. He said the suspect did not mean to kill the student but was sending threat text messages to cajole the victims to pay the ransom he was demanding.

He enjoined members of the public to report similar case to the police.

Father Impregnates 12yr Old Daughter

A 50-year-old man, who allegedly impregnated his 12-year-old daughter has criticised those who are blaming him for accepting to be the biological father of his daughter’s baby. Philip Ben, a native of Itam in Akwa Ibom State, was unrepentant, as he hit back at the crowd which abused him for committing heresy.

Hear him: “Who among you has not committed any sin, let him cast the first stone. I am a Christian, an usher in my church (names withheld). I know what it means to offend God, by committing abortion. I didn’t want to kill either, the baby or my daughter I love so much.”

When asked if he knew the implication of being the father of his daughter’s child, he retorted: “I know the implication quite alright. It is abomination in my town, Itam, the devil has already put me to shame. I will go home to perform the necessary sacrifices and life goes on. I believe God has forgiven me. “I won’t mess up with her again. I am ashamed of myself, but the devil deceived me.”

On when he started making love to his daughter, he blamed her for his action. “I did not dream of doing such a thing. Please, pray against such temptation, it can happen to any man. I just came back from work that fateful day and was so tired. I came inside the room and met my daughter stark naked. I started admiring her and felt like a man and the devil took over. I did it, but I wasn’t the one that deflower her. She had been doing it before.”

He also countered the claim that the girl was 12 years old. “I am her father, I know when she was born. She is about 15 now. Don’t mind what she was saying. She also claimed I did it with her severally. That is a blatant lie. I only did it four times and that is why I doubt, if I am the real father of the unborn baby. She has other boyfriends.”

According to him, he had parted ways with the girl’s mother and married another woman, who died few months after she was delivered of twins. “This my daughter, who brought disgrace to me was living in the village, before I brought her to take care of the twins. She succeeded in seducing me. She is to be blamed for this disgraceful act.” The man who also blamed loneliness for his immoral behaviour said if his wife was alive, the incident wouldn’t have happened.

However, his daughter (names withheld) has maintained that she was drugged by her father the first time he had canal knowledge of her. “I swear, he gave me something that looked like hot drink. After drinking it, I became weak and slept off, but I knew he was doing something to me. I could not do anything as I was weak.”

She said the following day, her father apologized for his action, but still slept with her. “He begged me for forgiveness, claiming to be having problem of loneliness. It was a neighbour who noticed that I was pregnant. I told her what really happened. I told her that the pregnancy belonged to my father and that he was the one who deflowered me. Since then, I have not made love to any other man apart from him. He did it severally. I can’t remember how many times. It was on daily basis for almost one year now.”