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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fejaydave ft preachaz son - Kilo fun

This a new track from fejaydave a ukraine base Nigeria artist.
Born in Ibadan raised in Akure city,a native of OWO. Growing up he got lil interest in hip hop/RnB songs at primary school level.Got exposed to it at secondary level especially when he transfered to Federal govt. college,Idoani,where he wrote his 1st rap lyrics,learned how to dance and started living H. He moved to Lugansk,Ukraine,where he did is 1st record with the rap group he formed Dpp(D Prodigy Papas),and currently residing and studying. Ever since he has been working hard,performing on stage,doing collabos and had been featured on different albums,which included artist like;2kul,s3m,L-nice,Christiana,Lil.D,Preachaz son,S3m,Slimphaze,M.c Химик...and so on. He has also feat. other artist on his highly anticipated debut album to be released later this year.He is currently working on is Rnb debut album which is due to be released soon.He learn't how to produce and has produced different artist including himself.Not only does he exhibit exceptional skills in Hip hop production,but his outstanding dexterity in music production has no bound.He has produced arrays of genres raging from Rnb to Blues to Afro fusion to World to Hardcore Rap and so on.

this is a link to another song from him...light up for download

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The “Durella Sneakers"

Durella the Artiste” is now “Durella the Entrepreneur”. The “Durella Sneakers” has been introduced into the Nigerian market, and I believe it’s presently selling for around 25,000 Naira. Let’s support our own


The real reason Nollywood producers use Ghanaian stars

Ever wondered why some Nigerian producers make use of Ghanaian stars in most of Nollywood movies even when some of them appear to be unsuitable for the roles they are playing? Showbiz Now can authoritatively reveal that N1 million is in the heart of the matter. Or as one actor put it, our producers have sold their souls for a N1million .

Investigation reveals that Nollywood producers have been given an order by Ghanaian marketers that for them (Ghanaian marketers) to market Nollywood movies in Ghana , Ghollygold ( Ghana film industry) stars must feature in them whether they fit the bill or not.

One particular marketer who attested to this is Abdusallam, Ghana’s most prominent movie marketer. Abdusallam, we learnt tells Nollywood producers to use Ghanaians and get a N1 million market order from him. He was said to have paid some producers even before they finish shooting sometimes.

So, for this N1 million Greek gift, our Nollywood producers are falling head over heels to use Ghanaian stars in their movies whether they fit the role or not. And to make matters worse, some of these Ghanaian stars have not been able to justify the trust reposed in them. Worse still, Nollywood stars have to wait of their Ghollywood counterparts in some instances. We learnt that Jackie Appiah kept a whole crew waiting to go and shoot a Glo commercial.

The crew complained but Jackie came back and explained that she already gave the producer a condition that for her to act she must leave for the Glo advert anytime she wanted to. That is a classic example of how producers now have to literarily eat out of the hands of the Ghollygold stars.

But one producer who does not see anything wrong in the N1 million Greek gift is Ikechukwu Onyeka. He said the Ghanaian actors are patriotic. ‘I don’t see anything wrong in the arrangement; it is a sign of patriotism. This shows that we are doing something wrong. If Ghana which has a population of about 24 million can call our bluff that means our house is not in order. We ought to be the biggest movie market in Africa but here we are at the mercy of Ghanaians. Let me shock you, Ghanaian movies now sell more than Nollywood movies in America . That shows that we are losing ground. .

Murda Mickel - Green White Green

This no bad at all o, naija stand up!!!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nigerian "Scam Police" Shut Down 800 Web Sites

"Nigerian police, in what is named Operation 'Eagle Claw,' have shut down 800 scam web sites and arrested members of 18 syndicates behind the fraudulent scam sites. Reports on and Pointblank give details on the busts. The investigation was done in cooperation with Microsoft to help develop smart technology software capable of detecting fraudulent emails. From Breitbart: 'When operating at full capacity, within the next six months, the scheme, dubbed "Eagle Claw," should be able to forewarn around a quarter of million potential victims.'"

Plymouth Man Receives Unexpected Millions From Nigeria After Replying to E-mail

A Plymouth vet has received more than £5,000,000 after replying to an unsolicited e-mail from Nigeria claiming he had inherited a large sum of money.

Dr Edward Maxwell, a well respected literary critic as well as one of Plymouth's top vets said he received an e-mail a few months ago. "I was totally amazed" said Maxwell "The e-mail came from a lovely chap from the Nigerian Government who told me a relative of mine had died years ago, leaving £5,000,000 in an account that had been undetected for years. This nice Nigerian chappy told me he could help me get the money from Nigeria."

Maxwell, 65, continued "I had no recollection of this relative but as the e-mail was from the Nigerian government I obviously acted in due course. I forwarded my bank account details, all my personal details and my address immediately back. However I did not reply to the original e-mail address as the instructions gave me a different one to reply to."

Maxwell then heard nothing for 3 weeks until he received a phone call from his bank manager. "He told me that £5,000,000 had been deposited into my bank account and could I confirm where it came from. Obviously he was surprised."

Has the good Doctor got any advice for others, should they receive an e-mail from Nigeria claiming they have inherited millions?

"You MUST reply. Send them everything they ask for, especially your bank details, these Nigerians are bloody nice blokes, just trying to return money to those it really belongs to."

9ice breaks up with wife

HIP hop star, 9ice and his beautiful wife Toni Payne; with whom he tied the knots last year; are separating.

The couple have agreed to separate for a while, although they will continue to remain good friends and business partners, a source said.A source close to the family said their baby Zion will reside with Toni for now.

"This is a very very tough decision for the couple, and it"s a tough, even trying time for the young partnership we all admire so much. And they're even the more constrained to make this announcement; knowing it will shatter many of their fans, and admirers inside and outside the country.