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Monday, July 27, 2009

Pictures of Michael Jackson Re-surfacing in Naija

Hey my naija people before i proceed, this is not to disrespect the King of pop, hey it's all comedy, before you know it now people will say "this guy is mad mehn", "this guy is disrespectful mehn" saw this this joint on facebook from someone's profile and I really think it's funny....

Don Jazzy the conductor!!!!!

Living in the hood like Ajegunle doesn't mean You can't make it in life, So is the story of one of Nigeria's heavyweight music producer, Don Jazzy. He was born without a silver spoon.

He grew up in Ajegunle ( popularly called AJ City) worshiping at Cherubim and Seraphim church. After secondary school, he went on to Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma in Edo State, but dropped out as a result of financial difficulties. Don Jazzy had to sell bean cake (akara) for his mom in Ajegunle and had to become a bus conductor to feed his family.

The now most sought after producer never left Nigeria for London for pursue an education. An uncle of his asked him to come play instrumentals for a church in London and after spending sometime in London, he never thought of returning to Nigeria until D Banj persuaded him to, and the rest is history. The soft spoken producer sits as the President of one of Nigeria's most promising and fledgling record label, Mo Hits Records, which has produced such stars like D Banj, Wande Coal, and lots more.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Nigerians arrested in UK over 'arrangee' weddings!!!

It was supposed to be the happiest day of their lives. But instead of walking down the aisle with bouquets of flowers in their hands, two brides and their grooms were handcuffed and taken to a police station.

The grooms, whose identities have not been disclosed, are Nigerians, who engaged their Slovakian brides in a desperate bid to live in the United Kingdom (UK).

Their arrests were part of a coordinated operation to curb an international marriage scam. Such bogus marriages allow immigrants to stay in the UK.

If found guilty, the suspects could be sentenced to seven-year jail terms.

A combined team of police and immigration officers raided two homes and arrested the Slovakian brides and Nigerian grooms before they arrived at churches on Tuesday.

According to the Mail Online, four other men from Nigeria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, who are believed to be making up to £15,000 per sham wedding, were also arrested.

It was learnt that six Nigerian men were also being detained on suspected Immigration offences.

The arrests were centred around two gangs in Manchester and Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Immigration officers waited until the Nigerian gang members drove from Manchester to Bradford before their arrests in a fuel station, just hours before the two weddings were to take place.

Detective Sergeant Peter Gallagher, who led the operation, said: “We believe we have cracked an organised conspiracy in which marriage fixers and European brides were making money from Nigerian grooms desperate to find a way to stay in the UK.”

The churches, believed to have been targeted by the gangs are: St Philip and St James in Scholes, South Yorkshire, and St Lukes in Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire.

UK Border Agency regional director, Jeremy Oppenheim said: “We will not tolerate Immigration abuse and will punish those who break the Immigration laws.

“Over recent years, we have clamped down on sham marriages introducing Certificates of Approval, family permits and encouraged registrars to highlight suspicious cases.

“That’s why suspected sham marriages fell from over 3,500 in 2004 to under 400 in 2008. Under the tougher rules, anyone trying to play the system can expect to face imprisonment for up to seven years.”

The arrest came on the heels of the arraignment of a vicar over alleged conspiracy to aid unlawful entry to the UK by helping to organise more than 180 ‘sham’ weddings for illegal immigrants earlier this month.

Reverend Alex Brown, 60, was arrested in a dawn raid on his rectory home in St Leonards, East Sussex, and his church, St Peters, 200 yards away.

He was accused of holding a ‘conveyor belt’ of services to allow African and Eastern European immigrants from outside the European Union (EU) to marry those with the right to stay in the UK.

When migrants complete bogus marriages, they can remain in Britain and move freely within the EU.

Those with residency rights in the UK, often from other EU countries, are paid up to £2,000 a time to take part in the sham weddings.

Labour toughened marriage laws in February 2005 after the number of suspect ceremonies - often arranged by criminal gangs who could earn £10,000 a time - reached 3,700 per year.

Migrants were made to get a special certificate to marry if they lived outside the EU, or had only limited rights to live in the UK.

Those with only three months’ leave to remain were routinely refused on the grounds that the ceremony was performed just to avoid removal from the country.

The number of sham weddings has since fallen to around 300 a year. But the crackdown was left in tatters after the Law Lords ruled it breaches migrants’ human rights.

According to Law Lords, “forcing a migrant to prove whether a relationship is genuine is arbitrary and unjust,” even if they were getting married only weeks before their permission to stay in Britain ran out.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Terry G Scammed of N5 Million and denies affair with Super Eagles Defender Joseph Yobo's Girl

This is an exerpt taken from his facebook status hrs ago. Free me right now!!!"Rumours Rumours,Rumours...I aint gat nothing to do with Joseph Yobos Gurl,My songs havent been restricted from being played on Air,I have been scammed of 5million naira,any business transaction should not be concluded if i am not in the picture,Nobody should have any transaction with Justin Slabber.Still on the matter free me rite now.9ice just left my studio.Cookin up a beat for his up coming album"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wande Coal fights Don Jazzy for money!!!!

The lovers of the internationally recognized entertainment outfit, Mo’ Hits Record solely owned by Don Jazzy were shocked to read about the fisticuffs currently rocking the entertainment house on the pages of newspapers last week. Wande Coal, the top hip hop sensational artiste is in the centre of the controversy as we gathered that he’s battle ready for any unexpected scenario that may come up afterwards should Don Jazzy fail to comply with his demands.

The Bumper-2-Bumper crooner, Wande, who is said to be so bitter at the moment over the breach in their contractual agreement, went to Don Jazzy and poured out his mind on how Mo’Hits has not been forth coming with their promises on the royalties for his bumper-2-bumper album. Don Jazzy, according to inside sources, felt so insulted that Wande whom he brought from Mushin to Mo’ Hits could be so bold enough to demand for unnecessary royalties from him. We were told that Don Jazzy said he didn’t owe him any royalties and that the company has been responsible for his image packaging, promotion and what have you. On this note, Wande, we learnt, got mad with such utterances and was alleged to have been so rude to Don Jazzy saying “I’m not D’Banj o, mine is different o”etc. the unsatisfactory reaction Wande got from Don Jazzy we learnt began the journey to their separation as the house was said to have been in total disarray with Don Jazzy keeping to himself.

Though, Wande with support of other Mo’Hits crew had rendered his unreserved apology to the don of the Mo’Hits Records, however, things, according to people in the know, may not be the same with Wande and Don Jazzy. As you are reading this, the smooth and cordial relationship that has existed between the young artiste and Don Jazzy is now been threatened. The manager of the outfit, Sunday Are’s number was not available when we called to seek for his opinion over the story.

Gospel Singer, Kenny Saint Brown romances M.I!!

Despite 20 years age difference between the two, hot romance is said to have been going on between the gospel female singer, Kenny saint Brown and the hip hop star called MI.

The amorous affair which we learnt has been going on for a while between the two artistes has taken any turn as we learnt that they now display their love in public.

“They were spotted holding hands at the hip Hop awards in Abuja and a few weeks ago at an event in Lagos they cling with each other like Siamese’s twins. While the two artistes have differently confirmed their liaison as strictly business and nothing more, people in the know say, aside the studio work thing, there is strong affinity between the two of them which has become so known.

Sound Sultan, Baba Dee at loggerheads!!!!

The famous Lanre Fasasi popularly known as Sound Sultan is one outstanding artiste that is known to be cool in what he says or do.

It’s no longer news that Sound Sultan is the younger brother of Dare Fasasi who is referred to as Baba Dee who has decided to be quite musically due to reasons best known to him.Exclusive reports has it that Lanre’s babe is expecting a child and the lady in question is from the Igbo extraction, on this note, Baba Dee has put up a quarrel with his younger brother because he doesn’t want anything to do with the Igbo lady who he said looks like a gold-digger to him.Are we now saying Baba Dee not a liberal person considering the fact that his music is listened to by all the tribes, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, Urhobo, Ibibio, Ijaw name it? We tried to enquire from one of his aides “Not that he’s ‘tribalistic’, it’s like he doesn’t totally support Chichi to be the mother of his brother’s first son, to him, he says Chichi looks like a gold-digger who is full of pretense…..”

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm real freestyle by Silver Scotty of Knock out boys!!!!

......a lot of people have been telling me about this guy....people even tell me he's better than M.I....well someone sent this to me and i really liked it...You guys should enjoy and make comments if you like!!!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Naeto C - Ringtone

I hate my buttocks, they’re too big -Uche Ogbodo

For every woman, there is usually that part of the body she likes most, the part of your body you can easily flaunt with shoulders high. That part people compliment you about. Anita Joseph says she has beautiful eyes

Zizi Cardow, a fashion designer says hers are her legs and that is why she sticks to short dresses or minis. For Data Okorodudu, also a fashion designer her arms are that best part. “I have well tanned arms.” Little wonder she wears tubes and strapless. For Ini Edo Ehiagwina, it is her chest where she has hairs which she usually flaunts.
There are also some parts of you, you would wish to change or adjust were it possible. Rosemary Ikwuegbu, a business woman said the first thing she would ask from God is to add to her boobs: “They are too small. I want more, honestly more than these buds on my chest.”
Ikwuegbu is not alone, Ucho Ogbodo, Nollywood’s sultry actress doesn’t like her Bakassi (buttocks) one bit. She starts by analyzing those parts she likes: “I have beautiful eyes. I like my boobs too but my ass (buttocks), I dislike because they are too big.”

About Rukky Sandra's Incurable Eczema

Rukky is one of the new faces in Nollywood today who is not doing badly at all.

Her ability to interpret script has earned her a lot of respect from her colleagues and, of course, her beautiful look is another centre of attraction which makes men crave for her attention.

You may need to know that behind those beautiful curves and articulate disposition is an offensive skin disease called Eczema which has taken over the beautiful girl’s skin. At an award night held in Lagos recently where the epitome of beauty was a guest, informed sources informed this office that Rukky’s regalia was outstanding and turned so many heads.

The regalia, we were told, slightly left a portion of her back open and it’s so shocking to discover that the eczema was all over her back. “It’s not just the back o; the skin spoiler is all over her body even face too.

You wouldn’t have noticed this because of the money she spends to clean herself up on a regular basis that’s why it’s not showing and she’s always paying half of what she gets from the movies and her many ‘aristo runs’ to dermatologist.” A close source informed.
Meanwhile, all effort to reach the screen idol to comment on this proved abortive.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Terry G to sign for Mohits record?

My 9ja people I just got this message from one of my relevant sources in Nigeria...well i no sabi if na true abi na lie b4 una go talk say this myfunny9ja guy na na like this i heard the C.E.O of Mohits record Don Jazzy and D'banj are planning on bringing or rather luring "Mr free me the ginger "terry G" to Mohits, they've offered to give him a #10 million(ten million naira) house in lekki, a million naira in cash and also a car to get tha signature of "MR bling bling"...i promise to get more details and update my nigerian people on what is happening

Celebrities reach out to Shirley, wife of Shan George’s lover

It is no news that star actress Shan George has found love again in the arms of a 29-year old-son of a retired police commissioner, Armani, a part time Botany student of the University of Benin where one of Shan’s sons is also an undergraduate. Na wa for this kind of love o.

This is no gossip because the lovers have thrown caution to the winds as they now kiss and smooch in public. The actress, a mother of two grown up boys has given Akin Jaiyeola a.k.a Armani, 29, an overdose of love so much that the dark complexioned dude has thrown his wife, Shirley and his three months old baby out of his MKO Abiola Gardens Ikeja residence.

Well the relationship is no news because it is not the first time a younger person is falling head over heels in love with Shan. Her previous lover before Armani came into her life saw and conquered. When ‘Chi’ (God) rescued him out of Shan’s tight grip, he thanked God for saving him. He said Shan nearly lured him into marrying her. Well all that is history. What is bothering, some people now is how Shirley would be feeling now.

Some celebrities have decided to reach out to Shirley.

First is Queen Ure Okozie, the ex-wife of Soul E. Her advice perhaps is based on personal experience. Hear her; “I will advice you to go to God. He is the only one who can give direction in such circumstance.”

Good advice, isn’t it? That was exactly what she did when Soul E took a walk. Now, you need to see this ‘Sisi.’ She has honestly gotten her groove back.

Florence Onuma, Actress

Shirley, it’s a pity that this is happening between you and my colleague Shan. But dear, if I am in your shoes, guess what I would do? I would seek for redress. I will go to law court and sue him. If you are his legally wedded wife, there is a law that kicks against your man’s action.

Theodora Dike, Model

I will never allow my husband to kick me out of my matrimonial home, never! As long as he is legally married to me, I will never allow that. But since it has happened to you, I will encourage you go to God in prayer. Let me tell you, there is no one that solves problem in amazing ways than God. Go on your knees and ask Him to fight for you and leave the whole battle to Him. I’m sure what your man is doing with Shan George is not ordinary. There is a spiritual undertone to it. But by the time you pray hard, the scale blinding your man would drop.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Find condom in your man’s pocket?

Segun was in Abuja for a three-day official assignment. As he was unpacking his bag at his hotel, he found two packs of condom hidden in his luggage. He knew he did not put it there. It was the handiwork of his wife who does not want to take chances with the health of her spouse.

Many women are coming to terms with the reality of their men probably having an affair or an occasional fling. We sought the opinion of some of them if, by accident, they find condom in their man’s pocket. Their responses:

There is nothing I can say. Of course I will be happy to find a condom in his pocket, knowing that he is being careful not to impregnate another woman or infect me with diseases. But I rather would advice him to be careful when keeping a relationship outside marriage. This, I understand happens because some men don’t want to make their wives sex machines, so they go out to satisfy their sexual urge from other ladies or women who have the energy and strength to meet their demands. So, I will always advice him to use condom whenever he is hanging out with other ladies. There is no problem finding a condom in his pocket because it makes me safe with him

For me, if peradventure I find condom in my husband’s pocket, I won’t take it up with him violently. No. All I need is some explanations. Yes, explanations on where and how he got it and where he uses it. If his explanation is convincing enough, I might overlook it. But if he sounds incoherent, I would not take it lightly with him. I simply will conclude he is cheating on me and that could infect me with diseases.
I remain with him on the condition that sex will be out of our lives to be on the safe side, condom or no condom.

I would do is ask him if he was given at a seminar or in the office. But if he did not get it in either of these places, I will only advice him to be extra careful in his affairs with other women.

Definitely I won’t be happy because it shows he is not being faithful to me. In other words, it shows that he is cheating on me. But on the other hand, I will be happy because at least he is protecting himself from deadly diseases and unwanted pregnancy.
No man is an exemption to extra-marital affair. It is their nature to cheat on their wives, no matter how beautiful and respectful their wives might be, they still look out. It is only God that could change this nature of theirs.

I trust my husband, so I would not think negatively of him for he cannot cheat on me.
The fact that I found a condom in his pocket does not put it that he is unfaithful to me. It could be that he was given by these health safety awareness officials.

I will not hold issues against him because he must have been given at a seminar or health conference. On the other hand, he might buy it for safety purpose. But if I noticed he was hiding it from me, I would ask him and his response would determine my reaction towards him.

As for me, my husband does not sleep out because I know him that much, but for other women I may not know. If I find condom in his pocket, I will ask him how he came about it before I get annoyed. One, some offices share condoms, while sometimes it is shared in seminars or when they have some awareness programmes on how to prevent unwanted diseases or unwanted pregnancies.
His reactions would show whether he is faithful or not and I will not ask him again in order to avoid more terrible consequences.

We shouldn’t be jumping at conclusions. Finding condom in his pocket does not mean there is something fishy, no.
Definitely, I will feel bad in the sense that I will feel perhaps; I was not satisfying him enough. If he tells me I’m not treating him well, I definitely will adjust because no one is perfect.
Nevertheless, there are men that cannot be satisfied with just one woman. These categories of men, I would say, have reasons behind their behavior. Moreover, I will not quarrel with him, but will make him my best friend in order to know his weak points and know how to handle the ugly situation.

Condom is a package used for sexual protection. Some organizations distribute condoms to its staff. It might be given to him in the office or at a seminar. Aside these, should I find a condom in my husband’s pocket, I will feel cheated, though it will not make me get mad at him. As a responsible and learned person, I will ask him first, and if he gives a genuine reason then I’ll for it.
I will take up the case prayerfully so it would not get out of hands because despite the love that brought us together, men will always be men.

I would first want to know how he came about the condom, because sometimes it’s is distributed in either the office or at seminars. Finally, as husband and wife, we need to believe in each other. So I will believe in whatever he tells me.

It depends on the individual. If find a condom in his pocket, the first thing I will do is make enquiry how he got it, but in a soft manner that would not stir up trouble.
If you take it up in a fight and it turns out that he is innocent, it might cause him to do what you are accusing him of. If he is guilty, I would ask him where I had gone wrong or lacking so I can fix things, because if a man cannot see your value as a wife, abusing the marriage is inevitable. So, as a virtuous woman, I have to make him, help him; stand by him, even in his mistakes.

Church sacks Pastor in Kogi

Pastor in charge of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Isanlu, headquarters of Yagba East Local Government Area of Kogi State, has been booted out of his church, which he served for nine years.

His offences, according to source, were gross misconduct and cumulative offence said to be unbecoming of a man of God as alleged in a memoranda sent to the headquarters of the Baptism churches in Nigeria at Ibadan.

The pastor's offences include alleged lust for money, moral bankruptcy and alleged camping of women and ladies in the pastorium of the church. Others include submission of fake receipts and abnormal high estimate aimed at cheating the church.

In an 11-page petition with several sub-titles sent to the embattled man of God and copied to the Secretary of the Nigerian Baptist Convention at its Secretariat in Ibadan, and signed by four principal officials of the church, the secretary, M. E. Jaiyeoba, gave several other reasons for the sack of the man of God.

The pastor was also accused of turning himself into purchasing officer and price negotiator rather than concentrating on the growth of evangelism in the church.

It would be recalled that over N15 million was raked on the spot during the final burial ceremony and appeal fund launching for projects of the church that were started by the late benefactor of the church, Otunba Lesile Akande, last year.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Prophet TB Joshua Predicted The Death Of Michael Jackson

The prophetic reputation of Pastor TB Joshua attained new heights with the recent revelation that he foretold the sudden death of the iconic pop legend, Michael Jackson…

Shock and sympathy are still reverberating around the world since the news broke on Thursday 25th June that Michael Jackson, the undisputed 'King Of Pop' had died suddenly after collapsing in his L.A apartment. However, his death had been foretold months earlier by a popular Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua.

In January this year, Joshua prophesied during one of his famous Sunday services, broadcast live on Emmanuel TV: “I'm seeing a great star whom the world is shouting, “Hey, hey, hey!” In his own area, he's famous – he's known everywhere. He is great – too great… I see something will begin to happen to that star and that may likely end in him packing his load and going on the journey of no return…”

A month later, he clarified that the person concerned was not from his local environ and was 'too young to leave your midst' – enjoining the congregants and viewers worldwide to pray earnestly for this 'great star'.

Although some may view his words as too generic to be accredited to the legendary entertainer, the revelation of Tee Mac Omatshola Iseli on Sunday 28th June 2009, the famous flautist, business associate of Marlon Jackson and close friend of the Jackson family, put asunder such doubts. Joshua knew clearly who he was referring to.

In a sober atmosphere, Tee Mac spoke in front of a live television audience on Emmanuel TV, testifying that Prophet TB Joshua had told him to warn Michael Jackson of an impending health disaster, and invite him to visit Nigeria for healing.

“The man of God (TB Joshua) called me to his office and said to me, 'Please, tell your friend Marlon to bring Michael here to Nigeria. Michael needs healing; he needs deliverance.' I told the man of God that Michael Jackson just went for a medical check up because he is going to have about 50 concerts soon. But the man of God said to me, 'Send Michael here – he needs healing.' ”

When the tragic news broke, “what immediately came to my mind was that the man of God told me something's going to happen,” Tee Mac reminisced. Clearly remorseful, he lamented that if he had taken the message more seriously and acted with more insistence, “maybe Michael Jackson would still be alive today…”

Utilising the occasion to reflect on life, TB Joshua asked the audience in a heartfelt message: “If today were your last day on earth, what would people remember you for? What would generations yet unborn read about you?' He encouraged the people to live each day as if it were their least, and avoid the burden of unnecessary worry and anxiety. “Let us leave tomorrow's trouble for the One who bore our troubles on the cross,” he remarked.

As well as speaking on major world events, Joshua regularly prophesies to individuals that throng his flourishing church in Lagos, with uncanny accuracy. His recent prophecies include the death of the former South Korean president, the Feb 13 plane crash in New York and the release of Ingrid Betancourt from the Colombian jungle last year.

His ministry is attracting a growing fanatical following, particularly across Africa, and many African leaders such as John Evans Atta Mills of Ghana regularly frequent his church for spiritual support and guidance.


Nollywood actresses, Rita Dominic and Genevieve Nnaji are said to be at dagger drawn over a London based lover called Christopher Obukwelu.

This former broadcaster with the MINAJ TV, we gathered , is the brain behind the enmity between these top stars in Nigeria's make- believe industry called Nollywood.

As the story goes, Rita and Chris were said to have dated years back. While the romance lasted, Rita’s colleagues tried to snatch the handsome dude from her but her defence was as strong as mount Gibraltar.

As you are reading this, there seem to be this strong affinity between the celebrated Nollywood actress, Genevieve and Chris. This new development is said to be bothering Rita whose relationship with Chris hit the rocks a while ago.

Why Rita is embittered about the whole scenario is that Genevieve could stoop that low to date her ex. Meanwhile Information at our disposal reveals that Rita and Genevieve are not on speaking term because of Chris. We shall update you as event unfolds.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lagos Men are Shoe Shiners, I Can't Be their Lover -Cossy Orjiakor

Agulu Anambra State born actress, Cossy Orjiakor, is on the news again. She has come a step to the gate of pornography.
The heavily boobed damsel has disclosed to a soft sell magazine in Lagos that there is no man in the entire Lagos who can fit into her love life even as she was accused of exposing the nipples of her enlarged breasts.

According to her, “I don't have any boy friend in Lagos because they are all shoe shiners”. “Anybody who will come out to say that Cossy is his girl friend in Lagos is a shoe shiner, my boy friend is not in Lagos, he is based in Abuja”, the controversial nude conscious artiste has explained.

She has challenged the reporters who wrote “nonsense” about her and didn't cross-check nor look for her,saying they are among the shoe shinners in Lagos.

Reacting to critics about her latest porn picture where she revealed her nipples, Cossy disclosed that her pictures and dress sense is nobody's business as the law of the land does not deny her of the choice of what she wears.

The actress said “there is no issue in the matter, it all depends on what one wants for herself, and since my guy and fans like what I am doing, I thank God, and would keep on doing it”.

She explained further that a picture is a picture and this did not in anyway reflect her attitude. “That I appeared nude in a magazine does not make me “wild” and loose”.

Cossy claimed that despite the fact that the print media have feasted on her for long, nobody could claim that she is jumping from one bed to another. As an artist, she claimed to have carved out an identity for herself, stressing that whether her way of life is conventional or not, does not matter to anybody

American Hawks Gala On Lagos Highway!!!!!...LOL

An American, Mr. Sean Alsilski, was seen hawking a particular brand of snacks called Gala at the Ojota area of Lagos State.

He easily drew a large crowd as people laughed and wondered what could have made him to hawk Gala in Lagos, and on a sunny day too.

But Alsilski, unperturbed by the people watching and giggling at him, continued to sell his stuff to motorists and passers-by who were eager to buy from him, some just for the fun of it.

He rebuffed people trying to ask him why he was out in the streets selling snacks, saying he was too busy to talk to anyone. After much prompting by the writer of this report, he opened up on why he was out selling Gala on Lagos streets.

Alsilski said he came to Lagos to carry out a six-month research project on hawking and street trading in Lagos, and the best way to get the answers that he wants was to get involved in the real business rather than be an observer.

He said he had already spent five months in Lagos, hawking snacks at different parts of the state.

“I am here to do a research on hawking and street trading. I was billed to be in Nigeria for six months as part of the Fullbright exchange programme.

“I have been here for five months now, hawking. I have one month to go. I am going to give a presentation to the United States Embassy about my research,” said Alsilski.

Born in the city of New York, the United States, Alsilski lamented that from what he had observed, government was harsh on hawkers and street traders.

“Hawkers here are under stress right now from the government and I am studying what the government is doing right now. We can make some recommendations.

“Government is harsh on them. Some of them have had their goods taken away. I am not sure that is the best way to go about it.

“In some cities, hawkers and traders are given licences and allowed to go to certain areas to hawk. But hawkers should not be allowed to hawk in places like Oshodi,” he stated.

Alsilski’s hawking business has taken him to Yaba, Ojuelegba, Mushin, Ojota, Mile 2, Apapa, Lagos Island and Agege.

WOW...Nigerian Film Corporation MD arrested for embezzlement

The Managing Director and four other directorsof the Nigerian Film Corporation (NFI) have been arrested, for embezzling N11.8 million of.the corporation's funds, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and agreed to refund money they embezzled.

Sources say the officials confessed to sharing the money.

Earlier this year the management of the corporation proposed moving the corporation's headquarters to Abuja and this was approved but later cancelled.

However, "N11.8 million had, however, been already released from the movement but the officials decided not to refund the money to the ministry but shared it among 11 staff of the corporation,"

Other people who got a part of the money benefited innocently without the knowledge of where the money came from or what it was meant for," a source said.