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Friday, August 7, 2009

When I was 11 .. it was horrible - NYJA

This is an exclusive interview with one of tha best upcoming female rappers NYJA....myfunny9jastories met up with her to discuss her personal life, music and influences, enjoy:

- Let people know ur name

Which name do you want ohh? lol eerrmmm my name is Fara Ashiru but the music world knows me as Nyja

- when did you write ur first rap
When I wass 11 .. it was horrible..i still remember it.. something like.. "drumming on a table, going to spin a dradle..." hmm let me not expose myself further.

- do you write your own songs?
yess ohh everything i have spit is 100% mine!.

- who are your musical influences?
that is hard ohh.. as par to start rapping it was Missy Eliott..but to get in the naija game it was Weird MC and Eldee ..but now i still love them but as far as pushing me to be more creative i look at cats like Lil Wayne.

- Naija food or yankee food?

hmm oh nothing beats Eba and Egusi.. but i like both sha.

- Micheal jackson or P square?
anh anh Mike is the king now...

- Jay Z or D'banj

D'banj! you cant help but love him..i mean like he said he is truly an ENTERTAINER

- People have said a lot about ur origin, lets talk about ur family background

I was born in Naija.. Ibadan to be exact.. but i am from Ijebu Ode but i grew up in Saudi Arabia and Yankee my whole life dont think i really spent up to like a year or 2 in Naij.. but i visit.

- wat was growin up like?
Growing up was great.. i have a great family that supports me.. I really didnt know a lot about my Nigerian background until I went to Naija for SS1..thats when Nyja was truly born.

- How did u get into music?

like i said i started rapping at 11 wasnt until SS1 in Naija that I realy started and we used to have like Talent Nights and I would perform and people were receptive so it stuck.

- wat r the challenges u've faced as female naija rapper?

the biggest thing is "She is hot ..for a girl" Omo.. I am hot for anything lol..

- outside music, what else do you do??
mostly school.. i am interested in a lot of graphics I do a lot of graphics and digital media.. actually planning on going to Film School for my masters to be able to be in the music industry in 2 capacities.

- Any relationships, tell me about it
nope..nothing to tell.. i am single

- have u had any embarrasing moments?
who hasnt?? ummm clumsy so i have an embarassing moment every day lol.

- Any new work coming out?
yess ohh stay tuned for my upcoming EP entitled "Pay Me my Money" its going to have collabs with aritsts such as Phizzle, Weird MC, Terry tha Rapman along with A lot others and will be debued on Itunes...

- Any word of advice to those who wanna make it in the naija music industry?
well i havent really made it yet..but i would say dont give up...because it will NOT be hard.. people think its easier or something but its just as hard as any other industry ..and beleive in your work..cause no one else will if you dont...