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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Woman kills her bros over piece of meat

A 24-year-old woman was arrested by the police on Tuesday for allegedly killing her 8-year-old brother over a piece of meat.

The suspect, Janet James, from Akwa-Ibom State, allegedly killed her brother, Saviour, with a spatula at their residence on Adedeji Street, Ilupeju.

She allegedly dumped the boy's body at the premises of TIME Insurance Company, which is not far from her house.

The body was discovered by security personnel at the company who then reported to the police.

Police spokesperson Frank Mba said, "When the police got to the Insurance Company, they found the body of the boy in a bush by the fence of the company. The face of the kid was facing down and when they turned him over, they saw that he was the same boy they had at one time rescued from the suspect.

Police reports revealed that Miss James, a house help to an Indian couple, had in the past beaten the victim to a state of coma over allegation of theft.

"The suspect had in the past beaten the boy so badly that people in the area had to report her to the police. She was arrested and after a while the police asked her to write an undertaking that she will take the boy back to the village.

She was even given some money to travel with the boy but she went ahead to hide him in her room. Every time police officers go back to check on her, she lied that she had taken him back to the village," Mr. Mba said.

Mr. Mba said when the police saw the victim's body, they had a reason to suspect Miss James.

"When the police got to her house, she was seen nonchalantly preparing food. The officers asked after the boy and she said she took him to the church for prayers, the police took her to the station and she confessed to killing her brother."

Narrating the incident, the suspect said, "I brought my brother from the village; he is actually my step brother, because my mother said he steals a lot and I should handle him. But when he continued stealing despite my warning, I started beating him so he will change. That day, on Monday, he stole a piece of meat and I beat him very well with a stick I use to make eba.

"He became sick and in the night I felt his body was getting cold and saliva was coming out of his mouth; I became scared. By 5am the next day I thought he had died and I used a wrapper and tied him to my back. I went to the insurance company and threw his body over the fence into the bush. I feel really bad and when I came home I cried because I did not mean to kill him"

Mr. Mba said "This is a classical case of unprovoked homicide; the case has been transferred to the state Homicide Department for thorough investigation."

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