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Friday, September 24, 2010

ILL-iteracy - Don't Need

OK this guys are Yankee rappers, yeah I know we said everything Naija on this place, but guess what Myfunny9jastories is all about supporting everybody, this guys told me personally they want the African support..ok Ill-iteracy is a group, Each born in Roanoke "Star City",VA. iLL-iteracy's members developed affinities for music early in their lives. Whether it was jam sessions in the basement or rocking the crowd at their high school football games, their talent and love for all things instrumental was obvious.  The group was officially formed circa 1998, but have known each other since about the age of six.  Beginning with tee-ball, the members had a close friendship with each other that only seemed to grow stronger as time went by.  This is a fact that many people find intriguing, as not too many people tend to have one best friend for so long, let alone an entourage of them. Me personally dey feel the rap, let's just support them by commenting Ooseeee!!!

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