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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Babseaketi - Bawse

Babajide Akeredolu but fondly referred to as baba or babse. This individual is currently pursuing a masters degree in chemical engineering at the Colorado School of mines. Above all else, He consider Himself a lover of technology and photography. Making people laugh is somewhat of something secondary.On that note, when he is not in a serious mode on outlets such as twitter, he is known as HOFA - Harbinger Of FAaji (irunmole of faaji) and as a blogger, he tends to be referred to as Kolomental. He is not big on giving himself a bio or cred but until recently He was told He is the "King of Ad-libs" and like any rapper in the game, that would mean He has a crown abi? He accepts this crown through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amin. Dnt have a stage name though. He figured someone out there can assist.Sorry, He has nothing particularly witty to say. He'll let his foolery speak for itself.

:|Twitter handle - @babseaketi

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