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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Helmet Wahala!!!!!!!

I don't know if u guys heard but on the 1st of january 2009 the lagos state govt passed a law directing all motorcyclists and commercial motorbike riders(aka OKADA)to wear helmets.

Of course u know naija now, several people disobeyed and over 1000 bikes were impounded and kept by the local govts.

By the 2nd of Jan, everybody tried to comply. I will explain.

Last week i spoke to one of ma home boys in naija asking him the state of naija and if there was improvements. He told me he saw a woman passenger on OKADA wearing gele(headtie) with a helmet balanced on it (i.e. the headtie). So what is the helmet protecting? The headtie?

More amazement, my home boy told me another guy drove past on OKADA with a.....wait for it...... a paint bucket on his head! A Dulux pangolo paint buckets (the small size), he put it on his head and used the handle as strap under his chin.

The sight was so retarded that all the police men at Herbert Macaulay junction
burst out laughing in stupor and shock as the guy rode past them.
Now what do you call that? Ingenuity?....My naija ppl y naija no go change...jus to afford common helmet is a problem but i love ma naija ppl cuz we dey HUSTLE!!!!!

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bros femros said...

lol....guy u too funny