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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Kelly Hansome records gospel version of Maga Don Pay!!!!! LOL

Like afropop singer, Olu Maintain, fast rising Nigerian singer, Kelly Hansome has been criticised for glorifying internet crime. Kelly has however stated in several media interviews that contrary to what people may think, Maga Don Pay was a song celebrating the favour of God on a man!

”It depends on how you want to look at it. Maga is an acronymn for Man And God Always. God will use man to bless you; so that man is your maga. And when they say I talked about ’system’ in the song; the world we live in is an ecosystem; and na magas dey control the system,” he said to press men recently.

i guess what kelly was trying to say is that be quick to bless others with your resources and you will rule your world!![lol..nice try]

For those who may not be comfortable with the equivocal maga do pay, the Kennis Music act has recorded a gospel version of the monster hit single. the song titled Jesus Don Win, we gathered, will be included his full length album which would be released early next year.

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