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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nigerians held in UK for marriage, immigration fraud

Ten Nigerians have been arrested by the United Kingdom Border Agency for alleged involvement in sham marriages and immigration fraud in the past few months, according to a statement by the British High commission, Abuja.

The statement said special operations by the UKBA had led to the arrest of over 200 foreign nationals, noting that those found guilty would be jailed and deported.

The statement said British courts had handed out jail sentences totalling over 12 years to Nigerians arrested in these operations.

The high commission said, “On December 6, Tunde Ayammiyi, 50, and Bukola Arinkanmile, 28, were sentenced to 20 months and three years respectively for conspiring to break immigration laws. Victoria Adesola, 34, was jailed for two years for her involvement in sham marriage.

“Two fake grooms, Olarotimi Ojugbele, 41, and Idowu Komolafe, 34, were also jailed for 21 months each for their roles in sham marriages. In Belfast, Patrick Ozegebe, 34, was jailed for six months for trying to open a bank account with a false Nigerian passport.

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David said...

haba!! na by force to become UK citizen? people are making it real good at home why waste ur life trying to be one of them by force,thereby tarnishing ur image and that of ur family going to jail on what's not....c'mon this is ridiculous.............mmcheewww!!!!