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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Juju Fails Armed Robber

Danlami Ahmed, has been arrested by the police for attempting to rob a new generation bank in Minna, Niger State, with the aid of Juju.

Ahmed was arrested on Thursday after using Juju to beat the bank’s mechanical and human security networks to gain entry into the banking hall.

Saturday Tribune gathered that the suspect who hails from Nassarawa State but was residing in the Sauka Kahuta area of the Niger State capital, was spotted by a bank official in the bulk room packing naira notes into a ‘Ghana must go’ he had brought with him.

However, the bank member, who saw Ahmed taking the money into the bag, reportedly tapped him on the back and asked him what he was doing there.

An alarm was raised, which attracted the security men attached to the bank, leading to his (Ahmed’s) arrest.

When questioned, Ahmed, who had the charms under the dress he wore, allegedly said he had been in the business for some time and that the charm was given to him by his grandfather.

He said with the aid of the charm he had the power to disappear from anywhere and would not be seen while raiding any bank.

The suspect was later led to his Sauka Kahuta residence where the police searched the premises.

A senior police officer who preferred to remain anonymous confirmed the news saying investigations into the matter had commenced.

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