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Sunday, July 19, 2009

I hate my buttocks, they’re too big -Uche Ogbodo

For every woman, there is usually that part of the body she likes most, the part of your body you can easily flaunt with shoulders high. That part people compliment you about. Anita Joseph says she has beautiful eyes

Zizi Cardow, a fashion designer says hers are her legs and that is why she sticks to short dresses or minis. For Data Okorodudu, also a fashion designer her arms are that best part. “I have well tanned arms.” Little wonder she wears tubes and strapless. For Ini Edo Ehiagwina, it is her chest where she has hairs which she usually flaunts.
There are also some parts of you, you would wish to change or adjust were it possible. Rosemary Ikwuegbu, a business woman said the first thing she would ask from God is to add to her boobs: “They are too small. I want more, honestly more than these buds on my chest.”
Ikwuegbu is not alone, Ucho Ogbodo, Nollywood’s sultry actress doesn’t like her Bakassi (buttocks) one bit. She starts by analyzing those parts she likes: “I have beautiful eyes. I like my boobs too but my ass (buttocks), I dislike because they are too big.”


Anonymous said...

what buttocks? she is a flat as frying pan

Tayo said...

Lol....... But as for me, I'd love to meet Uche Ogbodoooo. I have been dying to know and meet her... especially now that she's commenting on her Big-Buttock. I like dat most about her too.
She can reach me on 0809 662 3746-Tayo (Abuja) Lol :-x

Anonymous said...

I wud like u uche to suck my cock [p enis] bekos ur lips are superb