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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Lagos Men are Shoe Shiners, I Can't Be their Lover -Cossy Orjiakor

Agulu Anambra State born actress, Cossy Orjiakor, is on the news again. She has come a step to the gate of pornography.
The heavily boobed damsel has disclosed to a soft sell magazine in Lagos that there is no man in the entire Lagos who can fit into her love life even as she was accused of exposing the nipples of her enlarged breasts.

According to her, “I don't have any boy friend in Lagos because they are all shoe shiners”. “Anybody who will come out to say that Cossy is his girl friend in Lagos is a shoe shiner, my boy friend is not in Lagos, he is based in Abuja”, the controversial nude conscious artiste has explained.

She has challenged the reporters who wrote “nonsense” about her and didn't cross-check nor look for her,saying they are among the shoe shinners in Lagos.

Reacting to critics about her latest porn picture where she revealed her nipples, Cossy disclosed that her pictures and dress sense is nobody's business as the law of the land does not deny her of the choice of what she wears.

The actress said “there is no issue in the matter, it all depends on what one wants for herself, and since my guy and fans like what I am doing, I thank God, and would keep on doing it”.

She explained further that a picture is a picture and this did not in anyway reflect her attitude. “That I appeared nude in a magazine does not make me “wild” and loose”.

Cossy claimed that despite the fact that the print media have feasted on her for long, nobody could claim that she is jumping from one bed to another. As an artist, she claimed to have carved out an identity for herself, stressing that whether her way of life is conventional or not, does not matter to anybody

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