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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fejaydave ft preachaz son - Kilo fun

This a new track from fejaydave a ukraine base Nigeria artist.
Born in Ibadan raised in Akure city,a native of OWO. Growing up he got lil interest in hip hop/RnB songs at primary school level.Got exposed to it at secondary level especially when he transfered to Federal govt. college,Idoani,where he wrote his 1st rap lyrics,learned how to dance and started living H. He moved to Lugansk,Ukraine,where he did is 1st record with the rap group he formed Dpp(D Prodigy Papas),and currently residing and studying. Ever since he has been working hard,performing on stage,doing collabos and had been featured on different albums,which included artist like;2kul,s3m,L-nice,Christiana,Lil.D,Preachaz son,S3m,Slimphaze,M.c Химик...and so on. He has also feat. other artist on his highly anticipated debut album to be released later this year.He is currently working on is Rnb debut album which is due to be released soon.He learn't how to produce and has produced different artist including himself.Not only does he exhibit exceptional skills in Hip hop production,but his outstanding dexterity in music production has no bound.He has produced arrays of genres raging from Rnb to Blues to Afro fusion to World to Hardcore Rap and so on.

this is a link to another song from him...light up for download


Anonymous said...

nice one there bossman. kip doin the do. nice track by d way

janet said...

meen...itz hot...i heard this jam in a club in khakvov on friday it was bumping....bad ass track....nice one:)