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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Plymouth Man Receives Unexpected Millions From Nigeria After Replying to E-mail

A Plymouth vet has received more than £5,000,000 after replying to an unsolicited e-mail from Nigeria claiming he had inherited a large sum of money.

Dr Edward Maxwell, a well respected literary critic as well as one of Plymouth's top vets said he received an e-mail a few months ago. "I was totally amazed" said Maxwell "The e-mail came from a lovely chap from the Nigerian Government who told me a relative of mine had died years ago, leaving £5,000,000 in an account that had been undetected for years. This nice Nigerian chappy told me he could help me get the money from Nigeria."

Maxwell, 65, continued "I had no recollection of this relative but as the e-mail was from the Nigerian government I obviously acted in due course. I forwarded my bank account details, all my personal details and my address immediately back. However I did not reply to the original e-mail address as the instructions gave me a different one to reply to."

Maxwell then heard nothing for 3 weeks until he received a phone call from his bank manager. "He told me that £5,000,000 had been deposited into my bank account and could I confirm where it came from. Obviously he was surprised."

Has the good Doctor got any advice for others, should they receive an e-mail from Nigeria claiming they have inherited millions?

"You MUST reply. Send them everything they ask for, especially your bank details, these Nigerians are bloody nice blokes, just trying to return money to those it really belongs to."

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honey91 said...

o boy! see mugu!...but still tho, he actually got money? what do nigerians have up their sleeve this time?