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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The real reason Nollywood producers use Ghanaian stars

Ever wondered why some Nigerian producers make use of Ghanaian stars in most of Nollywood movies even when some of them appear to be unsuitable for the roles they are playing? Showbiz Now can authoritatively reveal that N1 million is in the heart of the matter. Or as one actor put it, our producers have sold their souls for a N1million .

Investigation reveals that Nollywood producers have been given an order by Ghanaian marketers that for them (Ghanaian marketers) to market Nollywood movies in Ghana , Ghollygold ( Ghana film industry) stars must feature in them whether they fit the bill or not.

One particular marketer who attested to this is Abdusallam, Ghana’s most prominent movie marketer. Abdusallam, we learnt tells Nollywood producers to use Ghanaians and get a N1 million market order from him. He was said to have paid some producers even before they finish shooting sometimes.

So, for this N1 million Greek gift, our Nollywood producers are falling head over heels to use Ghanaian stars in their movies whether they fit the role or not. And to make matters worse, some of these Ghanaian stars have not been able to justify the trust reposed in them. Worse still, Nollywood stars have to wait of their Ghollywood counterparts in some instances. We learnt that Jackie Appiah kept a whole crew waiting to go and shoot a Glo commercial.

The crew complained but Jackie came back and explained that she already gave the producer a condition that for her to act she must leave for the Glo advert anytime she wanted to. That is a classic example of how producers now have to literarily eat out of the hands of the Ghollygold stars.

But one producer who does not see anything wrong in the N1 million Greek gift is Ikechukwu Onyeka. He said the Ghanaian actors are patriotic. ‘I don’t see anything wrong in the arrangement; it is a sign of patriotism. This shows that we are doing something wrong. If Ghana which has a population of about 24 million can call our bluff that means our house is not in order. We ought to be the biggest movie market in Africa but here we are at the mercy of Ghanaians. Let me shock you, Ghanaian movies now sell more than Nollywood movies in America . That shows that we are losing ground. .

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