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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Does Rave of the moment artiste, 9ice need to change his management?i don’t think so..but i think he has to keep his booking agent(s) on check!!!

The whole issue of double booking is really getting out of hand!! after collecting 1.75m upfront to perform at a gig in Ireland, 9ice fails to turn up without any notice!! now his fans in Ireland are dissapointed.. however, 9ices’ management claims that they did not show up because promoters wanted to fly them in illegally..

There has been several complaints from several quarters -from show promoters, to media houses even alaba marketers about 9ice’s “highly unprofessional manager.”

a bulk of the complaints stems from the artistes accepting an invitation to perform and never showing up with no reason whatsoever. 9ice is a hardworking artistes and it’ll be sad to see incompetence of another wreck his career!!! his publicity is good though (bigup to tony payne-akande for all her damage control) measures..guess what they say bout “behind every successful man…” is true, isn’t it?).

like i mentioned earlier, we gathered that 9ice was billed to perform at a show in Dublin courtesy of Krystal Promotion, a Dublin-based promotions/events management company, but failed to show up- after collecting N1.75m advance payment!!!on why he didn’t turn up management claims the promoter offered to fly them in illegally!!

however krystal promotions claim that his entry to Dublin was legit and was made well in advance.

“We Are Very Convinced the Reason Why 9ice did not Attend the Show is because he did not have his Passport with him. His passport was at the CANADIAN EMBASSY, as he is performing in Canada on the 4th of October 2008, this was confirmed from a Genuine Source. These is Double Booking an Artist which shouldn’t be done in the Entertainment Business, especially when you have entered into a Contract of Agreement with the proposed Promoter(THIS IS CLEARLY A BREACH OF CONTRACT),” said a spokesperson for Krystal Promotions.

Krystal Promotions say they intend to sue 9ice for damages. we’ll keep you posted on that.

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