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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


In Nigeria, audio cds are sold for N150. while music entreprenuers still battle with piracy, the poor pricing of cd’s have scared away many music investors. while observers believe that the music industry is thriving, some showbiz entrepreneurs are of the oppinion that the Nigerian music industry is on life support with over 99% of its livelihood dependent on corporate Nigeria.

come to think of it, have artistes have really earned a living from cd sales? some artistes - about 20 of over 5million recording artistes in the country - have bagged good marketing and distribution deals at the expense of their debut album. in other words, their debut effort earned music markerters multiplatinum sales without a dime reaching the artiste’s pocket - maybe a thank -you-for-making-me -super-rich in the form of a brand new car!

thus marketers are encouraged to part away with lump sums as advance payment for their sophomore - that may not even cover the cost of their music videos anyway!!…..hmmn!!


bharyour said...

bossman you da bomb....keep it up.with love from your 9ja fans.

Bossman88 said...

thanx mehn...appreciate the love