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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Isoko man wey dey visit Lagos for d first time go visit him son office in a high-rise building.

On getting in to the lift d journey to d son office on the 10th floor, d man dey visibly shake and looked quite uncomfortable.

d man was muttering someting to himself inaudibly, probably in the Isoko language.

As soon as d door of the lift flipped open for the first passenger to disembark at the 6th floor, the man shouted Oghene Buko!! and immediately jumped off d lift.

He was still muttering, this time loudly. "Thank God, these people are still after me from my village dey will not succeed!"

1 comment:

bro zebudiah said...

bros!! i c u dey hustle o. see as dat benin man head resemble isuwelu sim card. na ur bros zebudiahs deyt hail u o.