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Thursday, December 25, 2008


One guy bin like one babe called Nkiru (but Nkiru no too fine) and im come get one parrot wey dey talk well well for house. Nkiru don dey shun di guy but finally she come gree and dem comot.

After Nkiru don chop finish dem come land di guy house. As she enter house na im di parrot just shout "Nkiru, you wowo oh". Nkiru just ignore am.

Everyday Nkiru land na so di parrot go shout "Nkiru, you wowo oh".

Finally Nkiru go meet the guy come tell am say "Bassey, I like you but dis parrot dey make me vex and if im continue I no think say me and you go fit dey do oh.."

Ah, na im Bassey run go meet the parrot. Come warn am say if im say dat thing again im go wound am.

After two days Nkiru come land again. Next thing she hear na "Nkiru, you wowo oh". Bassey just rush di parrot come begin beat am. E beat the parrot oh. Im come say dis na the last time wey im wan hear di parrot talk about Nkiru like dat. Den im come put am back for im cage.

Next Friday Nkiru come land again. Dis time di parrot come quiet. Saturday reach di parrot just dey restless im no fit talk. For Sunday as Nkiru dey waka, di parrot just dey jump up and down but im no still talk.

As Nkiru wan comot di house for Sunday nite na im di parrot just shout
"psss...Nkiru,......... you know now!!"

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