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Sunday, December 14, 2008

MOUTH ODOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

nyja ppl right nw as i dey type dis one i dey sick for belle no be small, i no sabi if dis kind ting dey happen to una......i no kno if una dey stressed not by wetin one of your guy wear, but u notice say everytime d guy dey hail u, ur environment dey always change weather. dis ting dey pain because even if d guy dey tink d whole place still dey change color......and na dis ma guy dey keep secret pass na d reason if d guy shout tell me "abeg abeg bossman come make i tell u sumtin"!!!!!!......i go tell am say "lai lai lai" put am 4 paper or send me text message........i kno say my nyja people una dey feel my go good make una post ur own experience o, make we kno d diffrent diffrent mout odor wey dey exist....

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