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Thursday, December 18, 2008



My nyja ppl it's funny how fuji singers in nyja too dey rapp about beef....why????.....i don't know but this is one of most funny stories i ever posted.................. During the unveiling and fund-raising dinner for the Yoruba Music and Film Awards (YOMAFA), what initially looked like a hitch-free event ended up with altercations that left the windscreen of Fuji Musician Saheed Osupa’s Chrysler Sedan smashed and several injured.

According to reports Osupa, on realising the damage done to his vehichle, left the venue in anger only to return with a band of policemen and all hell broke loose. The peaceful unveiling party/fundraiser metamorphosed into a battle between Mr Osupa and the Fuji Music Association of Nigeria.

On who was responsible for the attack of the Fuji star and his car, Mr Osupa pointed accusing fingers on his music rival, Sule Alao Maliaka. According to reports, Osupa stated that he was on his way out of the event after his performance when a group of people including Soji Taiwo aka Omo Banke, Seun Egbegbe, and Sule Alao Malaika were throwing things at his car. He immediately drove off to the nearby police station “as a law abiding citizen” to report the matter.

However Sule Alao Malaika recently released a press statment where he clears the air on what he calls a “false and libellous story being circulated by Saidi Okunola a.k.a Osupa.” In his statement, Malaika claims he was nowhere near the scene of the crime and was being implicated by Osupa. mr malaika stated that he was discussing with a couple of his friends including Alhaji Sule Adio Atatwewe when he “saw bottles and stones flying across from the road.”

“we all moved into the hall to wait for the crisis to die down,” he says.

he also doused every rumour that he was detained by the police as a result of his allerged involvment in the damage to Osupa’s Sedan, but admits he was taken in for questioning -alongside many memebrs of the Fuji Music Association of Nigeria - but released the same day!!

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