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Monday, December 15, 2008

Tuface Idibia set to wed his African Queen

Sensational R&B singer, and arguably Nigeria’s finest, Tuface Idibia, recently disclosed to the press his intentions to settle down.

Tuface also stated that although some of his fans may feel bad about some of his excesses(his baby making spree that is) he wants y’all to know he’s only human.

“I know people’s expectation of me is obviously not having kids from different women. But the fact is that I love my kids, and I’m just going to take care of them. I’m going to turn whatsoever bad situation to a positive one.” he says.

Although Tuface would not disclose who the lucky lady he is ready to settle down with is, the r&b singer affirmed that he would tie the knot formally in 2009 and raise a family the right way.

Who is this mystery lady? could it be his longtime sweetheart Anne Macaulay, or maybe his baby mama of two, Pero Adeniyi? [we gather that Pero and Tuface have settled their differences as they gathered friends and family members to the dedication of their newborn son, Justin Agaba Oluwafemi Idibia on Sunday 7 December 2008].0r could she be someone he met recently in some distant land? I’ll keep you posted.

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